What is aluminum tube

Aluminum tube refers to a pure aluminum or aluminum alloy by extrusion processing into the longitudinal length of the hollow metal tubular material.


Aluminu tube can have one or more closed through holes, wall thickness, cross-section uniform, delivery in a straight line or into a roll-shaped.


Widely used in automobiles, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical, agricultural, mechanical and electrical, home and other industries.

According to the form,there are aluminum square tube, aluminum round pipe, aluminum pattern tube and aluminum special-shaped tube 

According to the extrusion mode, there are seamless aluminum tube and ordinary extrusion tube.


According to the precision, there are ordinary aluminum tube and precision aluminum tube, which precision aluminum tube in general need to be processed after extrusion, such as cold drawn fine pumping, rolling


Accroing to the thickness, there are ordinary aluminum tube and thin-walled aluminum tube 


Feature: Aluminum tube is corrosion resistance and light weight.

Aluminum tube is widely used in all walks of life, such as: automobiles, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, electrical and mechanical, home and so on, aluminum tube in our lives are everywhere.