What is internal & external corner trim

What is internal & external corner trim


The corner trim is divided into the internal corner trim and external corner trim. 

Housing decoration, the wall external corner using the angle trim decoration. The angle between the ceiling and the wall (the internal corner t) is decorated with the vertex trim. 

External corner trim is a 90-degree angle for ceramic tile corner processing decorative lines, to the floor for the surface, on one side of the 90-degree fan-shaped arc surface, the material for PVC, aluminum alloy, stainless steel. 

The external corner trim is widely used because of its simple installation, low cost, effective protection of ceramic tile and other advantages. 

Internal corner trim is to point to the angle of concave, wall and ceiling material or color, there will be a clear intersection line.

Internal corner trim is to cover up the boundary used, and according to different styles of indoor choice of wood or gypsum line, but also played a decorative role.