What is tile edge trim?

What is tile edge trim?


Tile edge trim is not only a safe protection building materials, but also a good accessory to decorate the pavement. Tile edge trim protects tile corner collision damage, to avoid the tile bevel cutting grinding, neat and beautiful.

In the past, when we paste 90-degree corner tiles, workers have to use cutting machine to grind the corner of tiles to 45 degrees before pasting. The material, color and each corner tile has to be the same, so it is very slow. What is more, tiles are easy to break causing material waste.

If we use tile edge trims, we do not need to grind the tile corner with cutting machine. Instead, the tile can be pasted into place and then paste the other side’s tiles. This not only improves the speed of pasting tiles, but also increases its aesthetic appearance because of the curved-shaped design of the tile edge trim.

At present, tile edge trim has round shape, hypotenuse shape, square shape and so on.

There are Aluminum tile edge trim, stainless steel tile edge trim, PVC tile edge trim, stone  tile edge trim, wooden tile edge trim, etc.