What kind of material is good for making laminate floor trim molding?

Aluminum laminate floor trim molding is natural, pine-colored solid wood flooring material is very thick, composite flooring strong and durable, the central metal aluminum alloy strip design, reasonable planning of space, simple and elegant breath here highlighted, at the same time very good division of the entire space, played a role in the threshold, practical effect is very good,

The comfortable and leisurely life is filled here. Wide and thick shape of laminate floor trim molding ground to bring you a bright, regular elegant breath here, the metal material is very thick, plus the properties of aluminum alloy is very stable, anti-oxidation effect is very good, in the home design played a very good help, at the same time as the layering design practical effect is very good, reasonable planning the entire space,neatly structured. Fashion style metal layering design brings to the front of the light, silvery-white color clear, fashionable and elegant breath here, plus aluminum alloy material is very thick and stable, the practical effect of home decoration is very good, bring you a leisurely and comfortable texture, wide split design no lack of fashionable atmosphere, regular natural effects show in front of you, and it’s also economic application.