What kind of material is the best choice for making air conditioning vent?

Air conditioning vents are used in central air conditioning system for air supply and return of the end of the equipment, is an air distribution equipment, central air conditioning outlet size materials are required, central air conditioning outlet size depends on the size of the indoor machine capacity, if the outlet is too large, the air duct is too long, then the airflow speed will be reduced, Thus affecting the use of air conditioning effect, if the outlet selection is too small, then the airflow speed will become larger, resulting in the wind blowing directly on the human body caused discomfort, but also may lead to excessive noise.

There are three kinds of central air Conditioning outlet material currently on the market : Aluminum alloy material, Wood and ABS.

Aluminum alloy material: aluminum alloy material vents, cost-effective, affordable, most central air-conditioning projects are the use of aluminum alloy material vents.It should be noted that in summer refrigeration, air supply temperature is too low, construction insulation is not done well, airflow is too small, aluminum alloy material vents are easy to produce condensation phenomenon, but the construction in strict accordance with the norms generally do not appear this situation.

Wooden Material: wooden material vents are beautiful and generous, more textured, can be combined with the overall wood decoration style, decoration grade high, its shortcomings are in winter heating, due to the use of air vents and do not use aluminum conditioning when the temperature difference is large, easy to deform, cracking.

ABS Material: ABS material is a new resin material, less deformation, condensation of the situation, and there are many colors can be selected for designers.However, the price is more expensive, the average household selection is relatively seldom.

Above is the central air conditioning outlet standard and material analysis, three kinds of materials have a long price and performance ratio, we can choose according to their own advantages.