What kinds of profiles do you need to make a wardrobe door?

Wardrobe Moving door material: Blister type

Blister plate substrate for the density plate, the surface by vacuum blister or adopt a seamless PVC film compression molding process. Blister closet door color rich, lifelike wood, color pure, not crack deformation, scratch, heat, stain, anti-fade, is the most mature wardrobe materials, and day-to-day maintenance simple. Blister door is a very mature and very popular in Europe, a wardrobe material.

Wardrobe Moving door Material: Paint type

Presumably baking paint as a closet door is very much to see? The substrate of the baking varnish board is a density plate, and its surface has been sprayed with six times. At present, we are talking about the paint is only a kind of oh function is different, that is, after the spray painting after drying room heated drying treatment of the paint substrate door, this is what we call the baking varnish board. Paint plate is often used as closet door materials, it is easy to paint, with a strong visual impact! is a popular object for many young people.

Wardrobe Moving Door Material: Package complex frame type

Bao frame type is also a closet door of a material, package complex frame is MDF, outside with PVC, door Core board is the German Love home decoration board or fireproof board, such as double decorative plate, by the wardrobe company's own processing splicing. Bao box-type wardrobe door feature is rich in color, wardrobe door frame and double decorative plate can be arbitrary collocation, fully embodies the owner's personality and fashion.