Why use floor edge trim

Why use floor edge trim?


The floor edge trim is mainly used to solve the floor fixed, closing, connection, transition, sticker and other interface problems.

But why use floor edge trim? Here are some reasons:


1.There are a certain gap after the floor installation,it is impossible to fully connect up. So it need floor edge trim to cover up the gaps.


2.Floor Edge trim leaves sufficient space for the floor thermal expansion and contraction


3. Protection of the floor edge from wear, Floor edge trim plays a role in connection, protection and decoration.


4.Can effectively prevent being hurt by external forces and deformation, with wear-resistant and pressure-resistant


5.Moisture-proof fire, high temperature and corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can not only beautify the home bedroom


6.Living room and other places are more durable, lightweight and sturdy texture, bright color.Easy to install, more favorable prices, of course, the cost-effective will also be higher.