10th Anniversary Of XTM's New Factory

On January 1st 2019, Xingtaomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. invited its clients and suppliers to come and celebrate the New Year. The year 2019 also marks the 10th anniversary of XTM's set-up in Leping, Sanshui. 

As usual, we have a tradition of inviting the whole family of our workers and staff to take part in the celebration activities. 

Tug-of-war is the most popular and cheerful activity for all of us. 


After the tug-of-war, we had a simple awarding ceremony. General Manager Mr. Poon and Vice-General Manager Ms. Liang gave a brief and inspiring speech after that. 

This year, Xingtaomei hired a professional photographer to take pictures for us. The pictures taken were printed out immediately. And a baloonist was also hired to blow all kinds of ballons for the children, who were hilarious. 

The celebration activities are excited and grand. Everybody had a great time. 


In 2019, Xingtaomei Aluminum will keep doing our best to provide the best quality aluminum profiles to our clients and work together to create a brighter future!