50-KM Trekking We Are The Best

On March 31, we took part in the 50-km trekking activities that were held by Foshan government. It is our second time to take part in such activities. Last year we walked in Sanshui District, where our factory is located. This year, we want to make a difference--so we walked in Nanhai. Both colleagues from Sales Department and Accounting Department participated in the trekking.  


We started the trekking at 8AM. We really enjoyed ourselves along the way. 


Finally 10 of the colleagues finished the whole distance of 50 kilometers. The last one reached the destination at 8:30PM. Tired and exhausted, she was warmly welcomed by other colleagues that were waiting for her. Both the number of people that finished the whole trekking and the time to reach the destination broke the record of last year! Hooray...! We are the best!