Building Material Association Member Plaque Put Up

Foshan Building Material Association covers the industries of ceramics, bathroom products, aluminium profiles, plastics, cement, curtain, etc. It is one of the AAAAA assocations in Foshan. 

Xingtaomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. joined the Association in 2016. Today we received the official plaque from the Association. For XTM, being member of Foshan Building Material Association is a social recognition of our industrial status. We will keep our concern and focus on the product quality, research and service. The company will also get more support and advice from the Association and the local government. We believe this is a great opportunity for XTM to develop into a new stage. 

Our major products are aluminum profiles, including LED aluminum profiles, wardrobe aluminium profiles, cabinet aluminum profiles, diffuser aluminium profiles, air purifier aluminium profile, office partition aluminum profile, tent aluminium profile, furniture aluminum profile, and aluminum tile trims, aluminium floor trims, aluminum stair nosing, etc.