Comparison Of Aluminum Alloy Window And Plastic Steel Window

1. Grade difference: the domestic aluminum alloy broken hot windows and plastic steel windows are suitable for different buildings of the consumer group, statistical data show that plastic steel window is suitable for the general low-rise residential, often this grade of product consumers of the quality of the product is not very high, and high-performance aluminum alloy window is applicable to all types of height, all kinds of grade buildings, and quality, life performance has withstood the high standards of test.

2. Performance difference: The two energy-saving effect is similar, but due to the difference of material, plastic steel window used for a period of time after deformation, sealing performance than high-performance aluminum alloy windows.

3. The difference in life: because the strength of the material and the elastic modulus and wear-resisting performance of a large difference, so that high-performance aluminum alloy window service life is often greater than the service life of plastic windows.

4. Price difference: Generally speaking, high performance aluminum alloy window prices are usually higher than the price of plastic windows. However, in the long term, high performance aluminum alloy window prices, but the use of long, but the plastic steel window Although the price is cheaper, but the use of short life. Therefore, the composite price is comparable.