Knowledge About Industrial Aluminum Ingot

Knowledge About Industrial Aluminum Ingot

In our daily industrial raw materials called aluminum ingots, according to national standards (GB/T 1196-2008) should be called "remelting aluminum ingots," but everyone is accustomed to "aluminum ingots." It was produced by electrolysis of alumina-ice crystals. There are two main types of aluminum ingot after entering industrial application: Cast aluminum alloy and wrought aluminum alloy. Cast aluminum and aluminum alloys are castings for the production of aluminum. Wrought aluminum and aluminum alloys are processed by the pressure processing method to produce aluminum: plates, belts, foils, tubes, rods, types, lines and forgings. According to the national standard "remelting aluminum ingots are divided into 8 grades according to chemical composition, namely Al99.90, Al99.85, Al99.70, Al99.60, Al99.50, Al99.00, al99.7e, al99.6e" (Note: Al after the number is aluminum content). Someone called "A00" aluminum, actually aluminum containing aluminum 99.7% purity, called "standard aluminum" in the London market. We all know that our technical standards in the 50 were from the former Soviet Union, "A00" is the Russian standard in the Soviet Union, "a" is the Russian alphabet, not the English "a" word, nor is it Chinese phonetic "a" and international standards, said "standard aluminum" more accurate. Standard aluminum is an aluminum ingot containing 99.7% aluminum, which is registered in the London market.

Aluminum ingots, aluminum ingots, high purity aluminum ingots and aluminum alloy ingots are divided into three kinds according to their different components, according to their shapes and sizes, they can be subdivided into ingots, ingots, plates, and T-shaped ingots.

Remelting Aluminum ingot--15kg,20kg for remelting (≤99. 80%al):

T-shaped aluminum ingot--500kg,1000kg (≤99. 80%al):

High Purity Aluminum ingot--l0kg,15kg 99. 90%~99. 999%al);

Aluminum Alloy ingot--10kg,15kg (AL--SI,AL--CU,AL--MG);

Plate ingot--500~1000kg (board);

Round ingot--30~60kg (wire Drawing).