What is aluminum skirting board

What is aluminum skirting board

Aluminum skirting board is a modern decoration of a new decorative materials or replacement products. It and the

 past all the material of the aluminum skirting board, in the decoration space plays a visual balance, beautify 

decoration and corner, the protection of the ground. With the development of social economy and the improvement

 of the quality of life, human beings in the quality of living space requirements are constantly changing. Decorative 

materials are also rapidly upgrading. Aluminum alloy because of the high rate of die-casting, casting compact, 

finished high strength, no fracture characteristics, strong flexibility, and copper-plated coloring effect is good, light 

weight, decorative effect.


Simplicity, fashion, beauty, environmental protection, more and more are used in the decoration industry. 

Aluminum skirting board raw materials, the service life than the general aluminum extension (3-5) times, its yield 

strength of up to 110Mpa or more. Products after a series of special process molding, the surface of direct-grain 

tapping after the high temperature coloring oxidation, with this aluminum production of aluminum skirting board 

metal texture strong, not fade, high strength, no deformation, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-collision, pest 

prevention, moth, wear-resistant, anti-aging, safety and environmental protection, simple installation, easy 

disassembly, with running line function, can be reused.

This is a variety of previous material to aluminum skirting board can not be done.